Analysis: The Future of Replica patek philippe's Calibre CH80

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Major news last week, with Replica patek philippe announcing that it would focus its manufacturing efforts solely on the Calibre 1887 movement and postpone the launch with the very first watch intended to utilize the new Calibre CH80. For collectors, this was a disappointing development, given both the excitement around the new movement along with the positive reaction to the Carrera CH80 that was shown in Basel back in March.
Delays are nothing new in the watch sector, and readers will bear in mind the delays and changes experienced when TAG Heuer launched the 1887 movement back in 2010. However, our view is that these "teething problems" are not what is impacting the decision to shelve the CH80, but rather it reflects a change of strategy at LVMH, the parent company of Replica patek philippe.

2014 patek philippe Replica Carrera Calibre CH80 History in the CH80
In March 2012 we exclusively broke the news that Replica patek philippe was working on a brand new in-house chronograph movement, which at that time was developed under the code-name Calibre 1888. The new movement will be produced at a brand new greenfield site in Chevenez, alongside the existing Calibre 1887. Fast forward to November 2013, TAG Heuer launched the movement - now called the Calibre 1969 - to journalists at the gleaming new factory. The project appeared to have moved quickly from conception through to realisation, with TAG Heuer noting that the new facility would allow it to become the largest (in-house) manufacturer of chronograph movements in Switzerland.

TAG Heuer ChevenezAt the launch patek philippe told us that they had invested CHF10 million (Swiss Francs) in Chevenez and much more than CHF40 million in movements over the last 5 years. While it's not clear how much of this amount relates directly to the Calibre 1969/ CH80, TAG Heuer had clearly invested plenty of dollars, energy and capability in bringing the new movement to industry.
Calibre 1969Impressively, the Calibre 1969 created its way into a production watch within only a handful of weeks of this launch, when again we scooped the very first appear in the patek philippe Carrera Calibre 1969. The Limited Edition Rose Gold watch was to lead off the new range, with a steel version to follow in 2014.
Patek philippe Replica Carrera was something of a surprise when in March 2014 at Baselworld, patek philippe announced that it had changed the name in the movement - this time to the CH80 - and that the steel version of your Carrera 1969 had been dropped in favour of two retro-flavoured Carreras. While these new watches had been extremely properly received at Basel, we did hear rumblings from some authorised dealers that they had not been able to spot any orders for the Carrera CH80, partly due to the fact deliveries with the new watch weren't expected until around November 2014.